Ora’s Amazing Herbal was started with a salve that was made for our baby, but really it all began when Ora first became a mother. She had used nutrition and herbs to heal from chronic illness, and already had an understanding of the importance of ingredients and their impact on health. Becoming a mother though was a complete game changer. Even the products that she would use on her own skin previously came under a new level of scrutiny, lest any toxins absorb through the skin and into her breastmilk. We are always striving to make motherhood and childhood a little softer, a little smoother, a little healthier.

Our lip balms are safe for breastfeeding moms, and for children in case of ingestion as well as being made with protection and healing as top priorities. Our salves promote health and healing, our powders are talc and grain free. Our products can be found in almost every room of our house, and we love that they will be in your home too.