Ora's Amazing Herbal Hops Lip Balm

by Ora Assayag
Hops Gardeners, herbalists and of course, brew masters have long since fell in love with Humulus lupus a member of the canabinacea family of plants. The hops bud is intricately woven layers that stack to form a tight bud that is sticky to the touch and so fragrant. The properties of hops have been used historically to flavor beer and as herbal medicine.hactions: bitter, galactogogue and nervine Hops has a secretory action in the body; helping to move fluids through glands and lymph. An example of this is how hops enhances breast milk production and could aid in prevention of mastitis for example. One of the most useful aspects of hops is its bitter action to enhance digestion. Bitter is a component lacking in most Standard American Diets. Cultivating optimal digestion begins in the mouth with the taste of bitter. Ora's Amazing Herbals Hops Lip Balm would be a nutritive and digestively healing component of one's daily self-care routine. We should always remember hops as a nervine, meaning an herbal medicine with the action of helping us to calm our nervous system. When the calm portion of our nervous system; our parasympathetic nervous system, is engaged, we can correctly work on body functions such as digestion, mindfulness and comprehension, memory and rest. Hops is fantastic for helping all ages to return to the inner body's wisdom and restore calm. I love you Ora! You ARE absolutely amazing. -- Healthful love, Michele Sayball, ND Dr Michele Sayball graduated from Bastyr University as an Herbalist and Licensed Naturopathic Physician. She practices Naturopathic Pediatrics, Midwifery and Family Medicine. After 4 years of a busy practice in Vermont, she is moving to Waikoloa, HI and will be seeing patients at Aloha Natural Health. She is a mother of 3 boys and greatly enjoys yoga, circus arts and growing organic vegetables. Photo Credit: © Alan64 | Dreamstime.com - Hops Photo