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Ora’s Amazing Story (abridged version)

Hint: It didn't begin as a business.

In 2010 Ora made an herbal salve for her daughters' eczema and discovered her passion! Trustworthy herbal infused skincare for the whole family. Here's some background.

In 1991, I was sick with Crohn’s disease, needing steroids (not that kind of steroids) and feeling very frustrated. I was 18 years old and wanted to feel good. I had recently been released from the hospital but still didn’t feel strong or energetic. I told my doctor that I still just didn’t feel well, like I used to. That doctor looked at me the way one may look at a toddler who doesn’t want to go to sleep, and said to me, “Well, you may just have to get used to it.”. He seemed to think that I needed to simply accept sub-optimal health as my new reality for the rest of my life.

He even went so far as to tell me that my diet would not have any impact, and not to bother making lifestyle changes. Ridiculous.

This experience guided me toward taking a more proactive role in my own health and toward discovering the Amazing healing that holistic medicine and lifestyle has to offer.

Let's jump ahead about 19 years.

I already knew that herbs work, but I was still Amazed at how effective it was in soothing my daughters itchy, inflamed, and miserable skin! - Ora

I was a stay at home mom of 4 children under 8 yrs old,

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Making a jar of salve is like making a bowl of soup.

You can't really make just one, ...

You may as well make a whole pot, and you may as well share it. So that is what I did. I began giving salve as gifts to my children’s teachers, friends, etc and soon enough people were asking me to make more … and offering me money for it!

Trustworthy Skincare

Let's jump another 10 ish years. My products work because we use formulas that have stood the test of time, passed down from generation to generation of herbalists, midwives, and grandmothers and then are backed by science.

We slowly but surely are adding more products to the OrasHerbal line as we develop them, but only after researching, testing them (on humans only), and making sure they stand up to our standards of efficacy and purity.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story! I hope you feel a little inspired by it in some meaningful way, and also to purchase some of our products for yourself and a friend, if you haven't done so already!

At Ora’s Amazing Herbal we pride ourselves on our customer service just as much as we do our product quality, effectiveness and purity.

Please click here to be in touch with any product related questions, suggestions, feedback and love!

Thanks and be well,

- Ora

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