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We expect a lot from our skin. We want it to be strong, yet soft. We want it to be smooth and not bumpy or wrinkled and yet flexible. We want it to be rich in moisture, yet actually dry to the touch. We want it to smell good, but not overwhelmingly so. We want our skin to perform for us, so the least we can do is treat it well. We can provide it with intensely pure and intentionally composed body care treatments so that it has what it needs to do all that we ask.

Ora’s Amazing Herbal bodycare products are all made of ingredients that are selected firstly for their safety to your whole body and for the earth, and then for properties of nourishing, moisturizing, replenishing, strengthening.

Our range of herbal body care products are 100% natural, safe and paraben free. We pamper and nourish your skin with natural skin care products.

Give your skin everything it needs.