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This is the first thing our 5 yr old says when she needs to communicate something that is important to her. She wants us to see her face. Even the things she cannot always say in words, she can communicate using her facial expressions. She also wants us to look at her so that she can see us. She wants to see how we feel about what she is doing, or saying. We want to see our faces, the faces of others, and we want our faces to be seen.

At Ora’s Amazing Herbal, we do not make cosmetics, but we certainly do care about how we look. We want to look nourished, healthy and vibrant. We want to look like we care about ourselves and about those around us. We are not seeking some elusive state of perfection, but we are indeed seeking growth and positive change in ourselves and our world. We know how uncomfortable it feels when there is something blocking us from standing openly, when we feel that our face is not showing what we want it to show.

We design our herbal facial care products with all this in mind. We hope that our herbal infused and carefully crafted natural face care products help you to bravely and joyfully face the world. Our range of herbal face care products are gentle on the skin and make your face look radiant and nourished.