All Purpose SalveWhile our herbal body salves do indeed have significant differences, they both are actually mostly interchangeable, and both are definitely multi-purpose. The All Purpose Salve is designed to be a bit more anti-microbial (kills germs), because of the essential oils added. The Touchy Skin Salve is designed more for,… well, touchy skin. In most situations though, either salve could be used. Please see product descriptions for details.

Uses For Body Salve: Bug Bite, Dry Patch, Scratch, Minor Burn, New Scar, Old Scar, Dry Feet, Tough Cuticles, Dry Split Ends (hair), Bruise, Sunburn, Aftershave (small amount), DIY Deodorant Base, Dry Lips, Wind And Cold Protection, Water Protection For Swimmers, Tattoo, Wrinkle Treatment, Toddler Needing Some General Attention And Requesting It In The Form Of A Bandage (You will have to rip the bandage off later, but if you spend a few minutes and put on some salve with a kiss, you will both be happier later..) Messy Diaper Change (wipe on, wipe off), Shmutsy Baby Nooks Like Neck and Behind Ears, Diaper Rash cream.