Natural Baby Skin Care Set


Natural Baby Skin Care Set, gives the gift of unscented herbal infused healing skincare for home and on the go. A full size baby salve and unscented baby powder for the changing table or after bath and a travel size of both also for, well, travel. Because every day with your baby is an adventure! Also included is a mild and soothing vanilla lip balm for mom or dad, because, well every day with baby is an adventure.


Natural Baby Skin Care Set

A salve is a natural healing ointment. They have been used by herbalists, grandmothers, mothers and families for thousands of years, and now we continue the tradition. There is no better way to keep baby rash free than keeping skin dry by changing diapers often, identifying food triggers, and avoiding scented or chemical based diapers, detergents and other products that may cause irritation. Rashes do sometimes occur though, and when they do, we reach for our Baby Salve, a natural diaper ointment.

We also use it to simply clean babies. When Ora’s babies were little and fat (and delish), she had the darndest time keeping their little necks, ankles and behind the ears from getting downright funky. Once she discovered the wonders of the salve strategy all those stinky folds became a thing of the past. In between baths when cleaning is needed simply wash and dry hands, and then use a small amount of salve to swipe out little shmutsy rolls and folds. This not only provides nutrients but also a cleaning agent and a moisture barrier at the same time, preventing microbial growth and rashes. Grandma probably tried to tell us about this before. Well grandma, you were right, this salve strategy is Amazing!

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