3 Simple, Mindful Steps to Better Underarm Care

Do You Need Underarm Care?

The short answer is yes! When most of us focus on underarms, the focus is probably on what we don’t want them to do. We don’t want them to smell. We don’t want them to sweat and stain our clothes, and no red irritated bumps please! We believe that just like any other part of our body, underarm care is important. In terms of skincare, it’s just as important as face care. Since our underarm areas don’t receive the fresh air access that other parts of our bodies do, they are typically warm and moist. What does this mean? They are the ideal place for inflammation, irritation, and unwanted bacteria. Lymph and blood also flow right through this area, absorbing everything we do here.

3 Simple, Easy Steps

We are champions for mindful, easy self care. We like to keep our routine as simple as possible with maximum benefits. By taking a few steps, you can support the well-being of your underarms and throw in some aromatherapy while you are doing it!

1. Gentle, Deep Cleanse

Underarm skin is very sensitive, so it is important to use a gentle cleanser. We like to use one of our face care powder blends in the shower to remove accumulated dirt, sweat and bacteria, leaving a clean slate for some underarm skin therapy. All of our face care cleansers are made with an organic herb base to promote health and healing. Cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify all with one product, one step. Our personal favorite is our Squeaky Clean Powder Cleanser. It has a pinch of soapnut powder to deep cleanse (read: remove smells!). It’s high in vitamin C and nourishes skin with rosehips, hibiscus, frankincense, and burdock.

We also love our Licorice Love for underarms! Licorice root is known to be anti-inflammatory. This extra gentle cleanser is perfect for irritated underarms after waxing or shaving. Trouble under there when switching to a natural deodorant? (we’ve been there!) Licorice love will be your new bestie. Allow the cleanser to sit for a minute or two before rinsing with warm water.


2. Moisturize

Once you have thoroughly dried those squeaky clean underarms, really give your skin the support it needs. Especially if you choose to shave your underarms, there are micro-tears and irritations to the skin. Using all natural products can prevent further irritation to the skin. Whether you prefer one of our body oils or our amazing body butters, just a little bit goes a long way. None of our oils or butters leave a greasy residue – only soft, silky, and healthy skin.

3. Prevent Unwanted Smells & Absorb Excess Moisture

We are in love with our silky smooth talc-free body powders. On less active days, a light dusting is all you need to stay dry and fresh. If you are going to be extra active (which we highly encourage!), apply it over an all natural deodorant for extra protection. Though our Body Powders are not antiperspirant, which means you'll still sweat naturally, they absorb excess moisture and contain essential oils to fight the stink! Remember: Sweat is good, Stink is bad!  Warning, you may fall in love with the absolutely delicious scents. As a bonus, all of our body powders come in environmentally responsible, biodegradable tube containers. What is not to love?

Have very sensitive skin or prefer not to use scented products? Fear not, we have fragrance free products for each of these steps available to you. Go give your underarms some love today!


About Ora’s Amazing Herbal

Ora’s Amazing Herbal creates natural, herbal infused skincare for the whole family. We strive to empower women through self care, one minute at a time (because let’s be honest, as moms- often a minute is all we have)! Our current line includes salves, powders, body oils, body butters, face oil serums, powder facial cleansers, beard & hair oils, lip balms, and herbal steams. We also have a natural baby care line which includes gentle newborn and baby salves, powders, and baby oil. We use high quality, non-gmo, fair trade oils and organic herbs to create skin care that is both pure and effective. Our products are crafted in small batches in New Jersey and are free from talc, grain, lanolin,chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes & fragrances, parabens, and animal testing. We also have a huge focus on sustainability, eco-friendly packaging, and kindness to the world around us. If you’d like to learn more, please check out our website- OrasAmazingHerbal.com.