What Can We Do For You?

If you love Ora's Amazing Herbal (of course you do!) why not earn commission for helping spread the word? Membership is 100% free for qualified applicants. Simply send your audiences to our website with your voucher code to automatically earn comission.

We recommend joining both our Brand Ambassdor program and becoming an affiliate, so you get our quarterly subscription box of seasonal products ($100 retail value average) in exchange for content creation, as well as comissions for sales. The box arrives with a cute and helpful little printout about each product in the box.

  • Average order range of $50-60
  • Our affiliates start between 10-25% commission rate, based on platform, content quality and audience metrics.
  • Receive a seasonal newsletter with new creatives, sales, and coupons
  • Super responsive, dedicated affiliate team (next business day responses!)
  • Opportunities for products for unboxing/reviews and giveaways
  • Custom assets available by request for niche affiliates

Learn about our Amazing brand ambassador program and apply here, then we recommend you choose from the two affiliate programs below to set up comissions too!

If your focus is social media,

join our affiliate program on Affiliatly

If you are a creator with Tiktok Shop, add our products to your showcase to earn 25% commission per sale. If you have 10k or more engaged followers, request a sample for content creation inside the platform or via email.

Request a sample for your engaging & relevant content that your audience will appreciate without being pressured for content within 7 days by Tiktok.

Keep it genuine and direct with us...

Individual product requests only please (no sets).

If you are a content creator and affiliate with Shareasale, apply here then contact us to apply for Niche affiliate status.

If you are an Amazon influencer, associate or affiliate, check

out our handy ASIN Guide for adding our products to your own

store and/or collection.

Note: 3rd party sellers will not be able to list our ASINS for sale, we

are our own exclusive brand seller on Amazon.

If your are interested in social collaborations, have questions about any of our programs, or don't see what you were looking for here, please message us on IG, or email our Amazing community manager, Amanda, at

Welcome to Our Affiliate Program!

If you are here, either you simply are looking for a natural skincare affiliate program or you aleady know and love OrasHerbal. Just in case, a brief intro! Here at Ora’s Amazing Herbal, a proud and grateful woman owned business, we use the power of healing herbs to craft clean and natural skincare you can trust for your whole family. Our very first salve was created as a natural eczema treatment for Ora’s daughter. Since then, our line of skincare products has grown to include products ranging from our top selling tattoo aftercare to our effective eczema care to rich body butters to talc free body powders to facial masks to beard oils!

Our customers love us because we are women owned, family run, environmentally and socially conscious, and we communicate with sincerity and respectful intelligence. Our customers love our products because they are effective, pure, and reasonably priced as well as environmentally sustainable. We know you will also love sharing them with your audiences. See our full story here.

Ora's products in multiple hands

Get To Know Our Products

Our continually expanding line includes salves, lip balms, body and baby powders, body butters, face serums, face and body scrubs, beard oils, and body oils. Consistent top sellers include our Blissful Earth Body Powder, Touchy Skin Salve, and Tattoo Salve.

We hold efficacy, ingredient purity, environmental sustainability, and ethical integrity as our top priorities.

Our products are cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, and synthetic free.

All of our products are made by us, in the USA.