Eczema is an biggie for our customers! We hope we can help. Here is a blogpost about eczema and how we approach it, and here is our eczema product page. With any skin changes, please always check with your trusted healthcare provider to rule out any other conditions that may require medical treatment.

While our products do not contain nuts, some of our ingredients are sourced in places that also process nuts. Additionally, our facility is not strictly nut free. It is possible for traces of nuts to make their way into our facility. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Ora holds a bachelor of science (BS) in biology and a masters of science (MS) in nutrition. She also has the experience of being a mother who has a holistic approach to family wellness. She is grateful to have healed from chronic illness by working on living and eating as clean as possible on this earth. Just like food, she sees skincare as an opportunity for healing as well as fun and creative expression. As a mom, she loves watching her kids eat nori, blueberries, and apples and enjoys watching them use salves for scrapes and bumps and her lip balm for dry lips. She does not however enjoy when they decide to polish the furniture with it. Ahem.

When Ora develops a formula, she firsts tests it on herself, then her children, then other family and (human) friends.

We use non GMO vitamin E and essential oils to aid in preserving our products.

Our unscented oil based products, such as Unscented Lip Balm, and our Touchy Skin Salve have a shelf life of about a year. Depending on how they are handled, they can last for shorter or longer time. For example if you leave your Touchy Skin Salve by a beautiful sunny south facing window, your salve is not likely to last more than 6 months before it begins to smell off. If it stays in a cool dark bathroom cabinet, it may last closer to 2 years.

Our Scented products, contain essential oils, which function as a natural preservative. They may last as long as 3 years, but we give it a year from when you open it to be on the conservative side.

Trust your nose. If it smells good, it is good, if it smells bad, replace it with a new one.

We leave chemistry to chemists and herbal skincare to herbalists. In other words, no. We do not use any petroleum based ingredients.

We do our best to keep our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. Some questions we ask ourselves when deciding on packaging are: Is it recycled? Is it recyclable? Is it reusable? Does it use a lot of energy in production? Does its use support a green industry? (such as plastic recycling programs) Does it use alot of energy to ship? Does it leach toxins into the product? Does it protect the product?

Ora would use all of her products in her own pregnancy. Since there are varying schools of thought regrading use of essential oils during pregnancy, she recommends consulting with your health professional before using any of her scented products.

Ora would never use any scented product on a newborn at all. Baby salve, is not scented and is safe for use. Baby Powder is not needed on a newborn, but on an older baby it is talc free and safe.

After the initial incision is healed, if the scar is still raised, we have had great results using Licorice Love as a poultice a few times a week, Advanced Nightly Face Serum daily (even on the body) and All Purpose Salve with essential oils or Touchy Skin Salve without essential oils daily as well. Be prepared, Advanced Nightly does have a strong scent from the tamanu oil, which some people love and some.. well, not so much.  We do find great results with it.

Email us at and we will get back with you as quickly as possible. We do our best to reply the same day, but next business day during the week is also standard. The quality of life of our team members is important to us, please understand we are closed on the weekends so replies may not happen until Monday.

All of our baby care is designed for babies of all ages. As always though, and especially with infants, we recommend a small spot test of any new product or ingredient before using on a larger area.

We get this question alot! All or our products are vegan with the exception of our salves and balms. The do contain beeswax, sourced from a local intentional beekeeper.

We love this question! The aluminum concern is actually with baking powder. People often hear about needing aluminum free baking soda but baking powder is the one you have to watch out for. And, yes, our baking soda is aluminum free, as baking soda is a single ingredient sodium bicarbonate.

While most of our products are coconut free, they are all made in our facility that also handles coconut oil. Depending on the severity of your child's allergy, please contact your health care provider if needed to establish safety.

Sometimes a coconut sensitivity simply presents as dry flaky skin. If you have persistent dry, itchy or flaky skin and our Touchy Skin Salve is not working for you, or even seems to make the skin more dry, a coconut sensitivity is very likely. Try a few of our coconut free moisturizers for a week and re-evaluate.

Many of our Amazing customers use our Body Oils in the shower as a bath oil! For safety, we do not bring glass into the tub.