5 Fascinating Musings Over Why I hate and love my dehumidifier.

1 Well, it pulls humidity out of the air. In soupy New Jersey in the summer, that means your dehumidifier is your best friend.

2 Dehumidifiers smell bad because the bucket holds stagnant moisture pulled from the air. I keep a bottle of leftover essential oils from experimental recipes, and fill a dropper of it into my dehumidifier every time I think of it (a few times a week) to keep it from molding. I just started this genius practice this summer, so far so good.

3 A portable dehumidifier, handy as it may be is also a pain in the butt. Ok, so you can hook it up to a drain in the basement, that's smart and you never have to really think about it. But in our house in summer, we need the thing upstairs, and there is no good place to hook it up just for summer, so it sits in the hallway. In a house with 4 kids, another thing in the hallway is a pain in the butt.

4 I don't know where you live, but here in the garden state we have to empty it every day. Another thing to do. I'm not kvetching but, wait no I am kvetching. Get over it. :)

5 A dehumidifier is meant to pull moisture out of the air in summer but it blows out warm air. It's 2015 people, we couldn't find a way to make it blow cool air?

There you have it. My relationship with my dehumidifier. Complex and baffling.
What paradoxical feelings do you have about your various home appliances? Be in touch below or on your favorite social media, please let me know I am not alone it this struggle!