7 Fun Ways to be a Feminist

1 Make dirty jokes in public. At my gym, all the guys make dirty jokes, but the women
almost never do. No one is really gross or offensive and it is all in good fun. Today I
made a little sideways comment and made one of the trainers blush. First of all, it was
fun to watch him squirm a little. Secondly, it is a fun and subtle way to remind people,
that women, you know, are people.

2 Do at least one push up every day. If you can’t do a complete push up, cheat. Do it
however you can, but do it every day. Become strong, physically. It feels good to be
strong. It feels empowering, because, you know, women can either be strong or not
strong. Somehow it is not surprising when women are not strong, but when we are, it
carries an uplifted message both to ourselves and to those around us.

3 Connect with the other women in the room first. When entering a new social
situation, I like to try to introduce myself to the sisters first. Even if a woman is not super
friendly, connecting with her first, feels like a stand up thing to do. We are in it together.
We can lead the conversation and command respect in this non-aggressive and warm
way. Usually, no one even notices, but I find it sets a certain tone of respect for the
women and for the men as well.

4 Go support women and girls who are doing cool things. There are now so many
movies, woman comedians, plays, speakers, trainers, woman owned business, all of it.
This is normal to my daughters but remember, this is actually kind of new in our culture.
Let’s support them! It’s true that they aren’t all good, choose what you like! Let’s face it,
a funny woman is, you know, really funny.

5 Carry a pocket knife. I like my pocket knife because I am a mom and I like to be able
to cut up apples or cheese or open a box. I also like it because sometimes I notice
people double taking when I use it. It’s surprising for a woman to have a pocket knife.
Not sure why, but I think it may be a little bit feminist.

6 Choose your look. Decide what to wear and how to look based on your preference
and not based on the expectations of others. I’m not sure why this is a feminist thing,
but I think it really is. Shave, don’t shave. Make-up, no make-up. Jeans, fishnets. All
these choices are yours and no one else’s.

7 Be a woman, it’s fun!

Ok, that’s my list of 7 fun ways to be a feminist. It would be fun to add to it! Any more
fun ways to be a feminist? E-mail them to customerservice@orasamazingherbal.com

Thanks and be well,