9 Tips to Keep Skin Healthy & Safe While Protesting

As we go out to fight for the health and safety of others, the OAHerbal team has a few important natural skin care tips we like to remember for our skin’s health and safety as well.

1. Stay hydrated. As the weather gets warmer, our skin loses water and electrolytes through sweat. It’s important to replace what you’ve lost (and then some) to keep skin cells hydrated.

2. Wear protective clothing. For optimal skin health, wear long sleeves, long bottoms, and a wide brim hat with sunglasses. We try to avoid long-term exposure to UV rays; aside from the obvious sunburn, excessive sun can cause early aging. We like to avoid sunscreen at protests for skin protection. It is easy to forget to reapply sunscreen frequently and particles of dust, such as tear gas, can be caught in your sunscreen causing damage to your skin.

3. Bring & use Body Powder. We always keep a mini body powder in our pockets. Body powder, like our Blissful Earth Body Powder, can be used as an all natural deodorant or applied over your natural stick deodorant anytime you need to freshen up. It is also great for applying to thighs (or anywhere else that rubs) to keep skin from getting irritated.

4. Wash your hands often, and moisturize every time! We love to use a mini body butter, like this one here, or a mini body oil, like this one here, to keep skin healthy and protected.

5. Use hand sanitizer if you don’t have access to a sink. Ora has been handing out hand sanitizer at her local protests just as her way of trying to keep everyone healthy.

6. Wear a mask. Though this seems like a given with the pandemic going on, we still think it’s important to include. We even carry a back-up, just in case.

7. Deep cleanse your skin when you come home! Masks can cause a build up of sweat and bacteria, which means you can be more prone to breakouts. Use a deep cleaning facial cleanser, like our Squeaky Clean Facial Cleanser Powder. With a pinch of soapnut powder alongside healing herbs, Squeaky Clean pulls out oils while exfoliating dead skin cellsSqueaky Clean Powder Facial Cleanser & Mask. It also includes Burdock; known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s perfect for post-protest skin health. I always follow up with Magic Face Potion to replace the natural moisture and give my skin a nourishing boost.

8. Practice self care to improve skin health & mental health. When you come home, take a moment to breathe deeply and show yourself some love. We use an herbal steam, like our Take a Breather, to help improve skin health. I use a mug of hot water, add herbs, and take a few moments to let the steam envelope me. Jade rolling with a multi-purpose body oil or face oil serum is also incredible after a steam, while the face is still warm and slightly moist. We also love Take a Breather after a protest because it includes antiviral herbs, such as Oregano, Thyme, Olive Leaf and others which support respiratory health (remember, COVID is still a thing)!

9. Show kindness to yourself & the people around you. Between protests, pandemics, homeschool, and all of our normal stress, it is an emotionally charged time for me. Taking care of yourself is important for your long term well being. Since you can’t pour from an empty cup, be sure to make “me time” to keep yourself grounded. Remind yourself that you, and all of us, are doing the best we can right now. Show compassion and love whenever you can.

To make change, we have to keep going. And to do that, self care is key.
Let’s be kind to ourselves today.

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