All Purpose Salve. What's your Purpose?

What is an Herbal Salve?

Herbal salves are one of the most versatile forms of herbal medicine! They are multi-purpose, multi-use, and wonderfully effective. Our All Purpose Salve contains soothing, non-GMO, Italian grapeseed oil slow-infused with organic traditional healing herbs – Comfrey, Calendula, Plantain, Burdock, Thyme, and St. John’s Wort. We enhance the antimicrobial properties with essential oils of Rosemary, Thuja (Cedar Leaf), and Tea Tree. It also contains delicious, organic coconut oil to provide moisture. Beeswax is then used to thicken it, providing the protective quality that we want in an ointment.

A little goes a long way! This concentrated salve is rich and absorbs into the skin beautifully without feelings of greasiness. If too much is applied however, it’s okay! Just massage all over to disperse it.

Intentional Ingredient Choices to Heal & Soothe

The ingredients were carefully chosen for their anti-inflammatory, astringent, antimicrobial, vulnerary, and soothing properties. We prioritize clean, whole, botanical ingredients in all of our products to feed our largest organ, the skin! There are no parabens, menthol, petroleum, lanolin, or synthetic preservatives in any of our products.

  • Comfrey leaves contain a compound that stimulates skin cell regeneration and calms inflammation! This compound, Allantoin, contributes to rapid wound healing, skin repair, and works well with sensitive skin.
  • Calendula is a plant that has bright yellow flowers and contains potent vulnerary actions. It soothes skin with anti-oxidant, antimicrobial properties and also aids in cell regeneration with gentleness!
  • Plantain is always a go-to favorite for anything red, hot, itchy, and inflamed. It soothes, disinfects, speeds up skin healing, and reduces inflammation! This one is popular for bug bites and its drawing out effect.
  • Burdock Root has a direct effect on the skin when applied topically and has been traditionally used to help resolve different skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema with its potent anti-inflammatory actions.
  • Thyme is an antimicrobial herb you are probably most familiar with in food. It can be used topically for fungal infections and is potently anti-bacterial.
  • St. John’s Wort possesses skin-healing properties that have traditionally been used to aid in the relief of burns, abrasions, cuts, and wounds. When this yellow flower is infused in oil, it turns the color into a deep, dark red color! This plant encompasses so many wonders, but don’t they all!

After our Base Oil is infused with the organic herbs discussed above, we add Rosemary, Thuja, and Tea Tree essential oils to enhance the antimicrobial magic of the salve! Rosemary is also utilized to preserve the shelf-life of the salve in addition to its power of calming inflammation.

How do I use a Salve?

Our All Purpose Salve is a must have in every home! Toss the cute, little 1 oz. jar in your bag and you will soon find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it. Insect bites, minor burns, rashes, abrasions, cuts, skin irritations, chapped lips, bruises, and after waxing or shaving, too. It can be utilized as a moisturizer for cracked heels, cuticles, even for soothing hard working gardener’s hands! To use, simply apply a thin layer of salve onto the affected area. Gently massage into your skin. From there, you can allow the soothing to unfold!

As a good practice, it is important to remember to please spot test any new product before using on large areas or on irritated skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not share your salve. Keep the lid closed when not in use. All of our products are free of synthetic preservatives and should be stored away from the heat in a cool, dark area! If your salve does get warm, making the consistency too thin, simply store in it the fridge over night.

Written By Guest Blogger:
Paulina Czarnecki
Certified Herbalist

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