I really don't like that toothfeeling of biting into eggplant

So I cooked this stuff so well that you almost can’t tell it’s eggplant. Oh and I added more oil than I will ever admit. Hey it was extra virgin olive at least! This is 2 eggplants, olive oil (probably a cup), lemon juice of 3 lemons, paprika about a tablespoon or 2, tomato paste/sauce (it’s that Israeli one that’s sort of in between, 1/4 cup water, garlic, and cilantro and dill.

all mixed up in a bowl.

and roasted to high heaven, I garnished it will parley to make it look as yummy as it really is

see it glistening with oil? YUMmmm

And we are going to eat it on this fresh whole wheat bread, well I’m not goig to eat it because I’m GF but everyone else will. I use this amazing flour


Did I do that right? I’m new to this.