Makeup Remover Oil

The Dirty Little Secret Behind Oil Makeup Removers

Believe it or not, some of the best makeup removers on the market are oils!

After a long day (especially during those summer months), removing your makeup before cleansing your face is crucial.

In fact, we’ll go as far as to say that skincare is the most important part of your makeup routine. Any professional will tell you that keeping your skin clean, soft, and nourished is the first step in maintaining a healthy glow. And oils are the ideal makeup-removing product in more ways than one:

Oils have the power to remove long lasting, waterproof mascara, eye shadows, liners, and foundation because they can break down virtually any ingredient found in makeup. Here’s how: The oils in the makeup remover bind with your skin’s natural oils and any dirt on the surface, which makes it a breeze to wash everything away.

Here are a few tips:

It’s very important to take off your eye makeup with something targeted for that area, as to not clog the rest of your pores. First, you don’t want to risk an eye infection or discoloration by dragging a dirty wipe or cotton ball over your eyes. And second, you don’t want to risk clogged pores by dragging a dirty wipe or cotton ball over your face. It’s typically best to place a cotton ball with an oil-based remover over your eyes first, let the oil dissolve the makeup for a minute or so, and then wipe clean.

The same type of oil can then be used to take off your face makeup! The key is applying it correctly.

First, start with a dry face and dry hands. Water and oils are not known for mixing well based on the principle of polarity. In order for the makeup remover oil to fully break down the makeup, your skin should be dry.

Second, it’s important that you use the correct amount. If you don’t use enough, it will feel like you’re pulling on your skin. Rubbing it in your hands first, thins it out so that it can be spread evenly over your face and then massaging (in small, circular motions) into your pores helps it bind with your natural oils and accumulated dirt.

Third, follow it up with your daily cleanser and a moisturizer. This will prevent your skin from feeling tight and ensure clean pores. You deserve to have the best of both worlds: flawless makeup and beautiful skin. No one says you should have to choose!

If you’re looking to change up your skincare routine in favor of those nourishing oils, we want to provide you with the perfect solution! Our Daily Nourish Face Oil, available here is perfect for maintaining a youthful glow. It can be worn under makeup, instead of makeup, or to remove makeup. Smell the touch of fruity olive oil, our herbal infused Base Oil, rosehip seed, apricot kernel and meadowfoam oils, without any chemical additives. Many of our friends who wear makeup, also use our Touchy Skin Salve for makeup removal. They say it can even remove more stubborn eye makeup and leave their skin feeling soft and nourished. Ora’s Amazing Herbal provides you with products that are 100% natural and nourishing because herbs are amazing!