Mamas Touchy Tummy Ache Triumph

Warning:If you are not a parent of a young child, this post will probably be a little bit TMI. Yesterday, my little shmookey, no not my pookey, my shmookkey, had a tummy ache. hot-water-bottle-with-coverI was pretty sure it was nothing serious but I needed to offer her some comfort that would encourage it to, um, pass. First I tried to give her an herbal tincture I have for tummy discomfort. Let us say that low compliance interfered with that strategy. Then I had one of those I am a mother which means I am amazing moments. I filled a good ol hot water bottle with hot water. It’s the kind that has its own sweater so it can never get to hot on the skin, like the one on the. Then I gently rubbed some Touchy Skin Salve on her tummy in a clockwise (from my perspective) direction. It makes perfect sense because the ingredients in that salve are all anti-inflammatory and soothing. I was kicking myself for never thinking of it sooner. Just for a minute or two. Then I put the hot water bottle on her and told her I’d be back to check on her in a few minutes. When I came back she was asleep. An hour later she got up and took care of business. Triumph over the touchy tummy. TouchySkinSalve_Both_OpenJar2

Good times!

Be Well,


(Photos: David Zimand)