You may not believe that these 7 tips work for increasing energy

As a small business owner and mother of 4, I often do not get enough sleep. I know, I know, I should go to sleep earlier and manage my time more efficiently. There are many times however, that it just doesn’t happen. I know many of you can relate to this. Here are some of the ways I get through those days, when really I would simply love to crawl back into bed but just have too much to do. 1 I drink brightened water throughout the day. Water brightened with things like a squeeze of fresh lemon, a spoonful (or teabag) of hibiscus with ginger, or a few leaves of fresh mint, help keep me hydrated and happy. 2 I stretch the back of my legs and my back. Forward bends, lunges stretching the back of the calves and so on, help release muscle tension that can cause fatigue. Spending as little as 3-5 minutes, two times per day can bring a significant release within a day or two of taking on this little habit. That small ache that you weren’t even aware of can cause significant fatigue. Anything you do to help release it, can really bring an increase in energy throughout the day. 3 I try to remember to tell someone I love them. The heart is a major source of energy in the body, consciously tapping into it brings me strength and vibrance. :) 4 I try to avoid eating large quantities of grain, they use a lot of energy to digest and tend to make me feel weighed down and tired. Eating small amounts of grain, like 1/4 to 1/2 cup at a time combined with protein sources and lots of non starchy veggies (ie leafy greens) and fruit helps me keep going when I am tired. Also I can munch on red bell peppers and apples or green beans all day long just to stay awake while working at the computer and I am not going to get into trouble with weight gain. 5 I try to remember that today could be my last. I got this advice from a Navy Seal veteran, and I see it as a deep wisdom. Choosing to be grateful for today, is energizing, strengthening and brings me courage and patience when I need it. 6 I sometimes stop in the middle of working and just do as many push ups as I can. This kind of little physical sprint gets the adrenals going and can buy me an hour or two of productivity when I feel like I am toast. 7 Sometimes I just give in to sweet surrender. In other words, sometimes I can find a way to close my eyes for 15 minutes for a power nap or even an hour in the middle of it all. Although I may wake up groggy, I am much more able to handle the rest of the day than if I had not had that sleep. 8 Of course, this list would not be complete without an uplifting Minty Cocoa lip balm application recommendation or some Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter shmeared on the hands and deeply inhaled. Ok, so that’s my list. Anyone else have other tricks for keeping going when sleep is not plentiful in your life? Let us know! Thanks and be well, Ora Ora’s Amazing Herbal, because herbs are amazing