Wonders of Lavender

Lavender has many uses and is prized for its aromatic scent.

Let's Talk About Lavender

lavender essential oil

Lavender possesses a plethora of lovely uses in all cosmetic, medicinal, and culinary realms. It has a captivating aromatic scent and has been highly cherished for its wondrous abilities throughout centuries. Lavender is a wise, ancient, and potent ally to include in your herbal self care rituals and routines. It has beautiful purple hued flowers that are gathered and collected to achieve states of equilibrium, ease, heart healing, relaxation. They are capable of soothing, comforting, and cooling down.

The Benefits of Lavender

close up image of lavender in a field

Although it is often thought of as an ornamental plant, there are numerous clinical studies and scientific trials that support the extraordinary effects Lavender has physically and emotionally. Lavender is so lovely in its ability to calm and strengthen the nervous system by acting as a tonic to relieve stress and anxious states. It is exceptionally useful during menstrual difficulties and menopause. It can relieve stress induced headaches and promote natural sleep cycles. The relaxing properties of even just the scent itself make it a great ally before taking off on a flight, agitation on a not-so-good day, before a dentist appointment, or an exam. 

Lavender has the ability to relieve tension in the body in a way that feels so individually Lavender, if that makes sense. Within the plant spirit medicine of Lavender, her personality is one of deep tranquility - one that will wash stress away in every crevice of your emotional body. I recommend dropping into meditation with a cup of Lavender, and observe it dissolving. 

Lavender can be used in combination with Lemon Balm and Borage flowers for stagnant foggy mental states and depression to enhance the uplifting of the mood. One of the best ways to create a relationship with a plant is by growing it and deepening your connection to it that way. If hands are rubbed on a lavender plant, it will change the germ patterning on your hands and acts as an antibacterial. Flowers and leaves can be used for infusions, in oils, baths, teas, smoke blends, hydrosols, and honey. 

Lavender and Your Skin

lavender flowers next to a vase

Lavender is such a skin lover! It is very effective when used externally due to the high amount of volatile oils. There are endless options when the tea is infused and made with love! It is able to be added to a bath to relax muscle spasms, aid in pain relief, soothe burns on the skin all while encouraging strength and joyful states of being. The essential oil can be used topically to help ease aches and pains of rheumatism and is a great addition to an herbal first aid kit for anything fungal, red, hot, itchy, and inflamed. Traditionally, stems and flowers of Lavender were tied into bundles and given to women in labor to squeeze for added strength during childbirth.

It has antiseptic properties that can easily be made into a hand sanitizer and bug repellent spray, combining 20 drops of essential oil in a 4oz spray bottle! The buds can also be steeped in water to sanitize bathrooms and floors, too! It is possible to fill up a small sock or sew your own pillow with flowers inside to ward off nightmares and ensure a deeper sleep! The possibilities are endless. Last, but not least, it can be made into many kinds of vinegar, soaps, candles, sachets, baked in cakes and used in shaving creams. 

Let's Make Lavender Tea

cup of herbal tea next to lavender

Here is a recipe from an incredible herbalist, Robin Rose Bennett: Lavender/Oat Straw Serene-A-Tea

1 cup dried straw or tops

⅛ cup dried lavender flowers

2 quart jars

Boil the cup of oat straw in one quart of water for about 5 minutes, and then put the oat straw and boiled water into a quart jar. Top up with more boiling water if necessary to fill it to the top. Cap jar and let it sit overnight. Put the lavender into the other quart jar. Fill the jar with boiling water. Cap and let sit for 20 minutes. Decant it, squeeze out the herbs, and refrigerate the lavender infusion until the oats are ready. Deep Inhale, Deep exhale.

blissful earth body powder and body oil after shower set outside

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Enjoy all of your Lavender Adventures!

Written by: Paulina Czarnecki, Certified Herbalist

Resources: Rosemary Gladstar, David Hoffman, Robin Rose Bennett