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Ora's Story

In 1991, I was sick with Crohn’s disease, needing steroids (not that kind of steroids) and feeling very frustrated. I was 18 years old and wanted to feel good.
After years of following doctors’ recommendations and still feeling unwell, I was gifted a wonderful doctor who understood the power of the informed patient. She encouraged me to take ownership over my own health. With this shift, I began learning more about how to heal and care for myself and how to adopt a more holistic lifestyle.

Fast Forward 19 years past many adventures, life experiences, and lessons...
I was a proud mom of 4 with degrees in biology and nutrition. My fourth child was a toddler and developed eczema. The kind of eczema that makes a child miserable and keeps a family up at night. I took her to the doctor, hoping for relief. I left with 2 prescriptions with known side effects: one for steroids and one for antibiotics.
I knew I needed help finding a clean, natural topical remedy for my kiddo. When I couldn’t find one, I consulted a panel of master herbalists and made one. And it worked. So, I shared it. And it worked so well for others, they wanted to buy more.

Jump ahead another 13 years, Ora’s Herbal is now a small, woman owned, & family run business based out of New Jersey.

Amazingly, we have sold 115,000 products in the past 12 months and are still growing!
Our line includes salves, body butters & oils, face care, baby care, and so much more. We are just as committed as I was when I first started to crafting clean, herbal infused, natural skincare that is free from gluten, grains, synthetics, dyes, and nonsense.
And it’s just as important now as it was when we started: our products work.
I sincerely hope you & your skin love all of our products. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions as my team and I are always happy to help.

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"Being Celiac, I don't just worry about food I eat, I also worry about what I put on my skin. Two of my favorite products are Ora's Advanced Nightly Skin Repair and Licorice Love Cleanser. I have such dry skin and the skin repair amazing for my face. I wake up and feel moisturized! And trust me, when I forget to put it on at night I can see and feel the difference. I just love knowing that Ora's products are safe for me and my family!"

- Tina, Nourished Fest

“After discovering that I have contact allergens to just about every skincare ingredient on planet earth, finding a way to keep my dry winter skin soft had been a definite challenge. I'd always been wary of face oils for fear of looking/feeling greasy, but this serum is so lovely and keeps my skin super soft. And the best part: no angry reactions! a win-win all the way around.”
-Arielle, Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil

"I have to use gluten free lip balm. This was actually the first one I tried, and it does a great job of keeping my lips from drying out. It's not shiny or tinted, and it doesn't apply slickly. However, being a firmer consistency, it stays on, and really protects from chapping/ drying. There's a slight taste and smell, which is very pleasant. I've tried other GF lip balms since, but came back to Ora's. It's the best I've found."
- Barbara, Vanilla Herbal Infused Lip Balm

"Love this powder! My skin is very sensitive to most fragrances so finding a good body powder without fragrance and talc is hard. This powder is fantastic! Keeps me dry without the itchies. I use a powder puff to apply it so more ends up on me instead of the floor. It applies smoothly and has almost no scent other than the natural fragrance of the ingredients. Will definitely buy again. My husband loves it too so I bought him his own bottle."
-Veronica, Unscented Body Powder

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